Photo Title: “Overthinking”

This is my creative self portraits using Canon 800D and a Canon 50mm prime lens.


ISO- 100

Aprture- F2.5

Shutterspeed- 1.3 of a sec

Do you think it's hard to be human?..

Blog #1. June.2021
“You’re more tired than you’ve ever been. You find yourself wringing your hands or staring into space because It’s all too fucking much.” This is a phrase from a blog that I’ve read from Kristen Kalp a couple of weeks ago. And because overthinking drives me crazy lately. This really hits me a lot.

We all revolve in the same path or frame in life. You will be born. And age will take you to a time of consciousness until you get old and buried. Is your life worth it while you are living? Did you find your purpose? Some questions that you may think about right now or maybe I’m the only one thinking about it.

I would say, I’m an over-thinker, insensitive, introvert creature. But before you give a negative feedback about it please hear me out first.

Over-thinker: In the thirty-ish of my existence, my individuality gain how I observe life. These are craziness over people, ambition, politics, vices and good habits, morality and everything that forms you as a human. We develop knowledge and it helps us to think, to judge into anything we see without any reason at all. Sometimes confidence took place for that judgement. And this gives me to think too much or for too long. Overthinking gives me the idea of fear to get hurt and have mistakes, but it also teach me experiences and ideas to be aware of. Creativity on the other hand pop-ups to fill the gap between self-consciousness and reality. No one can save you from overthinking and anxiety but yourself. You can challenge your thoughts, schedule time reflection, learn mindfulness skills or creation and keep focusing on how to resolve your problem not just staring on thin air and keeps thinking about it over and over again. I know it’s hard from the start but you’ll learn while progressing on it. As a human, we should learn to see things rationally and emotionally. They should be balance.

Insensitive: If you read or hear the saying, “mind your own business”, that’s exactly what I am referring to this emotional state of mind. I care less to the things that is not in my circle. Or does not involve in my life. Because there’s a lot of people in this world that doesn’t know you or does not care about what you are doing or eating or places that you’ve up to. They just go with their own life. Society just put you in a place where you have to give your best shot to be known. To be in that success ladder of ambition and norm. But if you want peaceful living and contentment, you should focus only in yourself together with your dreams and goals in life.

Introvert: They said introvert is often considered weak because they aren’t quite as good as the extroverts, who just seem to breeze through life. But I think, this is not true. There is nothing wrong for being an introvert like me. I just want to focus on achieving my goals and being happy. I am more comfortable with thoughts and ideas inside me. And I hate being in a large crowd or socializing a lot. I don’t seek out special attention or social enagagement. And the idea of being alone sometimes are thrilling and exciting. It is a period or resting, solitude and thoughts of creativity. That’s why it’s more enjoyable when I’m at home,listening to music, reading, relaxing and watching movies (i don’t know, but it’s a contentment for me ).

Everything in this world happens for a reason. As a human, we should focus on our individuality and how we cope with the environment. It should be balance like a chain. Humanity should protect all races, including species that has life and breathing. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, because there is a slot of time and ownership for everyone, you just have to wait and trust the flow of energy within you. Don’t get pressured by the society.

I’ve told you how I evolve as a human, now, do you think it is really hard to be one?..

I would love to read your comments and thoughts.